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   Quaker Harvest Necessaire

is a limited edition kit.  (Only about 30 left)  This kit features a pumpkin shaped purse embellished with Quaker motifs with a tiny acorn stitched in the inside.  The pumpkin has five different designs on the outside-one on each panel. There is a needle book, a thread minder, a pyncushion and stitched scissor fob with beads.  Materials used include cotton floss, reproduction calicos, wool felt, satin ribbons, beads, Irish linen (15 x 25), beads, charms, stabilizer, batting etc. All materials and complete finishing instructions are included.  Only 20 left.

click here to download Quaker Harvest Necessaire Floss Symbols


Simple Gifts-Christmas
 It has 3 colors rather than the 2 we usually use.  It is a celebration of all the sentiments and thoughts of the season. 


Simple Gifts-Grace

  Simple Gifts-Grace is dedicated to Abbey Grace-a wonderful little girl with a joyful exuberance for life and all its wonders. It is stitched in 3 shades of her favorite color-purple. Abby has Sanfilippo Syndrome. You can find more about her at the or you can see her on facebook.  We are donating 20% of the profits for our chart Simple Gifts-Grace to the Abby Grace Foundation. 100% of all donations collected at the Abby Grace Foundation go to the research for a cure.


Simple Gifts-Peace

With this chart we are honoring those who have served in the military and returned home with physical and psychological injuries. As part of our commitment to this, we are donating 20% of all the profits from this chart to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Simple Gifts--Thanks


Simple Gifts—Hope


Simple Gifts-Love


Simple Gifts-Faith


Simple Gifts-Courage


Simple Gifts-Joy


Simple Gifts-Courage
While we have charted our design using the colors for breast cancer, we are including with each chart
 a list of the different cancers with its colors, and an alphabet the same letters as the one in the chart
so that you can personalize it for your loved one. As part of our commitment to cancer eradication,
we are donating 20% of all the profits from this chart to the American Cancer Society.


Autumn Quaker
 Fall is just around the corner.  The air is crisp and the leaves are an extravagant display of color. This small sampler is a tribute to the fall season and its beauty.

Simple Gifts-Hearts