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Pam and Susan have been best friends for over 30 years. Pam is a retired public librarian and Susan is a retired elementry school teacher. They have been avid stitchers for over 35 years and have been designing samplers since 2002 as an outgrowth of their love for stitching.

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Christmas inWilliamsburg!

We are really excited to announce that we are going to be teaching At the Annie's Festival in Williamsburg 2017!! We are teaching a Quaker Christmas Needleroll and Accessories.  Inspired by our Simple Gifts series, this needleroll is adorned with Quaker motifs and sentiments fo the Christmas season.  It includes a personalized pocket, a pinball, a scissor sheath, and a beaded fob.  Come and join us for a delightful time of stitching and fellowship.

New Designs for Nashville 2017!   

        December Snow --You've arrived just in time for the town's Christmas Eve Snowman Contest!  The children have dressed all shapes and sizes of snowmen hoping to win a prize.  While you are waiting you can take a sleigh ride or go skating on the pond.  You can even get a cup of hot cocoa if you want!  Don't look now but a snowball fight has started!  But everyone better watch out-because Santa is on his way!

       Sale at the Bubbling Cauldron -There's Moonlight Madness Sale at the Bubbling Cauldron tonight!!   Come and get your new flying brooms, snake eggs, love potions, magic cauldrons and croaking toads.  Love Potion supplies are limited!! Make sure to come early before the crowd carries all of the bargains away! 

      Rook’s Feast -Fall has brought a wonderful harvest in the garden & Mr. Rook has been picking out his favorite foods! Pompion (the colonial word for Pumpkin), Squash and Maize are first on his list of goodies in which to indulge!  May your own harvest of love and blessings be overflowing!

            Hooray for the Red White & Blue! -Fireworks and cookouts; parades and sparklers-it's always inspiring and fun. We hope that you will enjoy celebrating the 4th of July with this   small bit of celebration too!

Bewitched is a limited edition kit (Only 280).  This sweet Witch Owl is mounted on a black tin as pincushion and includes adorable smalls.  The tin is lined with a band of cute Halloween creatures.  Smalls feature a flying cat thread winder, a jack-o-lantern stitch counter, the cutest owl scissor fob and a tiny trick or treat bag thimble holder.  Materials used include cotton floss, calicos, linen, ribbon, & beads. All materials and complete finishing instructions are included.


The M’Lady’s Posey Necklace is a small kit that will be the perfect addition to your sewing accessories! Easy finishing, all materials  & finishing instructions are included (Only 260)


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Pam and Susan



       Sweet Baby Sampler


                             Yellow House Sampler




Sunflower Bee Garden


Bramble Berry Cottage

Love Everlasting

There is a Season Symbols


            There is a Season


The Visit
This is a piece that celebrates the 30th anniversary of our friendship, we hope that you will enjoy stitching and remembering all those wonderful visits with family and friends.





A Petit Sampling Etui

A Petit Sampling Etui is a limited-edition collaboration project (limited to 2000 charts) from Cherished Stitches, Praiseworthy Stitches, The Stitching Parlor, and With My Needle. 

Each outer panel of the etui is a small sampler. These samplers can be assembled into an etui following the detailed assembly instructions in the package. The samplers can also be stitched  and framed individually or together on a single piece of linen.

We hope that you will enjoy our etui as much as we did designing it for you