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Pam and Susan have been best friends for over almost 40 years. Pam is a retired public librarian and Susan is a retired elementry school teacher. They have been avid stitchers for over 40 years and have 




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Ghoul's Crossing-Ghoul's Crossing is a special place where all the ghoul's gather to dance the night away! The buzzards and crow are singing their raspy songs, the cats are swinging their tails to the beat, while the skeletons and the ghosts dance. Do you see those ghosts peeping out of the house at you, and the tiny monster posing in the window? These are just the start of the many suprises that dare to visit this house for tricks and treats this Halloween.

Simple Gifts-Silent Night is the newest in our Quaker inspired designs




 We have a new kit for Halloween!

This delightfully sppoky Bewitching Bangle kit is a limited edition kit.  Choose either a cat design or a witch hat design.  Materials used include cotton floss, linen, Bristol board & a bracelet.   All materials and complete finishing instructions are included.



See our blog for pictures of these delightful designs!


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Pam and Susan



       Sweet Baby Sampler


                             Yellow House Sampler




Sunflower Bee Garden


Bramble Berry Cottage

Love Everlasting

There is a Season Symbols


            There is a Season


The Visit
This is a piece that celebrates the 30th anniversary of our friendship, we hope that you will enjoy stitching and remembering all those wonderful visits with family and friends.





A Petit Sampling Etui

A Petit Sampling Etui is a limited-edition collaboration project (limited to 2000 charts) from Cherished Stitches, Praiseworthy Stitches, The Stitching Parlor, and With My Needle. 

Each outer panel of the etui is a small sampler. These samplers can be assembled into an etui following the detailed assembly instructions in the package. The samplers can also be stitched  and framed individually or together on a single piece of linen.

We hope that you will enjoy our etui as much as we did designing it for you