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Praiseworthy Stitches
                                        Designs for counted threads

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Bump N. D'Knight Farm

There are strange things happening at the D'Knight's Farm.  There are loud noises, moans, and scratching sounds coming from the barn! Where are all the farm animals?  Did you see the ghosts peeping out from the windows of the farmhouse?  And who is that looking out the window of the attic?  There is much mischief afoot at the farm tonight-come and see if you can make sense of everything.  But beware-there is still something or someone going bump in the night!




Memorial Park

Just released!

This is the newest design in the Down The Lane series! It's spring and the whole town has turned out to cheer for their teams at the frist game of the seaon.  The wooden stands are full and there are children in wagons and on fences trying to get the best seat.  The dog is even in the outfield ready to catch one of the balls on the fly!  come get your peanuts, popcorn and hotdogs!  It's time to play ball! 



A Churchyard Christmas

Just released!

It's the children's churchyard nativity and all is not well. Halos are crooked, crowns are bent and some of the camels have escaped! After all the years of helping with the children's Christmas programs, we decided to share some of our favorite memories with you in our design! We hope that you will enjoy our new chart. Remember all those wonderful, hectic days of Christmas when children were blessing us with their enthusiasm and antics! Watch out for those runaway camels!



Simple Gifts-Grace

Simple Gifts-Grace is dedicated to Abbey Grace-a wonderful little girl with a joyful exuberance for life and all its wonders. It is stitched in 3 shades of her favorite color-purplr. Abby has Sanfilippo Syndrome. You can find more about her at the www.abbygracefoundation.org or you can see her on facebook.  We are donating 20% of the profits for our chart Simple Gifts-Grace to the Abby Grace Foundation. 100% of all donations collected at the Abby Grace Foundation go to the research for a cure.




Simple Gifts-Christmas

The lastest in our Quaker series.  Featuring the sentiments of the season, this piece has 3 colors of floss rather than the 2 colors that we normally use. 


Going to Grandma's



Darkwing Manor   

This is the latest in our Halloween village.  There are bats in the belfry-and are there bats in the house too?! There all sorts of surprises in this fun piece. See the blue ghost peeping out at you, and the tiny monster in the window? These are just the start of all the many other surprises are waiting for those that dare to visit this house for tricks and treats this Halloween!


Carols on the Square



     Widow Black's B & B
Widow Black is opening a bed and breakfast in our Halloween village!
She is inviting guests to her parlor for a cup of her special tea!


Santa's Midnight Flight

Ravenmoon Hall backstitch illustrations


                                               Ravenmoon Hall

Seafarer's Valentine (part 1)



Secret of the Nereid (part 2)



Mermaid Love Tokens (part 3)



Dancing in the Moonlight



              Winter at Beacon House


Croaking Taod Manor